Bible Institute

Bible Institute Information***Coming soon***

Fire & Life Bible Institute offers a basic Bible Certificate Program as well as a Clergy Ordination program. Our Certificate in Biblical Studies courses are framed to establish a firm foundation and influence growth in your personal relationship with Christ. 

Whether you are studying to serve at FLIM, strengthen your relationship with Christ, or serve elsewhere. These foundational courses will provide a basic overview of God's purpose for His church and help you develop a comprehensive knowledge to effectively equip you for ministry.

All course resource materials are provided for free with a Fire & Life membership/Faithlife account. Classes are online and consist of both video and digital book format, as well as online testing.

Financial transactions are processed through FLIM/Faithlife Bible Institute/Ordination credential accounts. All transactions are secure and confidential. Through the student log-in portal, individual's can register and access all their contribution records.



  • Bible Certificate Courses 
  • Learn to Study the Bible
  • Introducing Biblical Theology
  • Apologetics
  • Law and Gospel
  • The Gospel Message in the Early Church
  • Christian Life from a Kingdom Perspective
  • Sons and Daughters of God  

  • Ordination Certification Courses  Providing Hope: Pastoral Care 
  • Introducing Evangelism 
  • Introducing Biblical Theology 
  • Leaders on Church Growth 
  • Empowering God's People for Ministry 
  • Church Planting
  • The Ministry Leader and the Inner Life



Bible Certificate Application Process

Complete and submit application and administration contribution of $50 (non-refundable) to the FLIM finance Office through giving portal.

Account Requirements: All accounts are free as well as course resources.

1. Fire And Life/Faithlife membership account

2. RightNow Media account 

3. Bible Institute account 

4. Fire & Life/Faithlife TV account 

Create your accounts here *COMING SOON



Ordination Certificate Application Process  

ORDINATION AND CREDENTIALS There are two kinds of ordination: Divine and Human.

THE DIVINE is the call of God on one’s life to preach the Gospel - The Savior called and sent the apostles out to preach. “Go ye...” This ordination is the unction of the Holy Spirit. 

HUMAN ordination is recognizing God's call on a person's 'life and providing credentials sometimes needed for various activities.The church properly enough for the sake of order, down through the ages, has licensed and ordained men and women to do the work of the ministry. BUT no Ecclesiastical authority - however high and holy this authority may seem - can make a “minister of God” - the position cannot be purchased as is seen with Simon in Acts 8. God’s ordination must precede man’s - man’s ordination must follow the Holy action of the Living God. Various activities can require "proof" that a person is an ordained minister of the gospel.

This may include:  Preaching the gospel, conducting wedding and funeral ceremonies, Prison ministry, Hospital Ministry, Nursing home ministry, Pastor a church, or apply to become a Certified Chaplain. (check with your state for licensing requirements) These are just examples and the list is not inclusive of what, when, or where you may need credentials to be considered a legitimate minister of the gospel. Another benefit is the confirmation and affirmation of friends and family when they gather to formally celebrate and acknowledge the call on your life.

The Bible teaches and encourages believers to study to show yourself approved to God… (2 Timothy 2:15). This requires the example of pastors and church leaders who are systematically studying the word of God and encourage their congregations to do the same. 

In order to enter the detailed application and approval process you must read and understand our statement of faith.


*Once your application has been APPROVED, below is a list of items you will be required to be complete in order to receive your credentials.   

1. Credential contribution of $125.00 (NOTE: A minimum of $50.00 must be received BEFORE any paperwork in begun.) 

2. Monthly pledge of at least $25.00 per month (Not required until you receive your credentials). 

3. Account of your conversion and subsequent growth in the Lord.

4. Account of what God is teaching you right now, and the vision He has given you for your ministry. 

5. Three letters of recommendation. IMPORTANT NOTE: These letters are character references, not professional endorsements. 

6. A recent photograph of yourself (may be emailed).

7. Create Accounts. All accounts and resources are free and can be accessed through membership account.   

  1. Fire And Life/Faithlife membership account.

  2. RightNow Media account. 

  3. Bible Institute account.

8. Formal ceremony conducted via zoom.